A has her first tooth. J is starting to use the potty. M is going to be FIVE in the fall. Time is quickly passing.

I have to admit that while I was ecstatic when M potty-trained, I am a bit nostalgic about J. Is he really old enough for no more diapers? Have two-and-a-half-years already gone by?

And A. Just yesterday it seems she was born in my bed, and in my bed tonight I discovered her little tooth poking through.

I try my best to savor the fleeting moments of their childhood. Everywhere it seems friends and strangers remind me how evanescent this time is. How even though some days may seem so long, the years are so short. How even though these early years are so intense, they will be so fondly missed. How even though all we want to do is go, all we must do is stop.

And watch.

And remember.