My Mothering Mantra

Calm. Caring. Curious.

This is my mothering mantra. This is the kind of environment I strive to create in my home.

There are many resources available to parents who are looking to develop a family mission statement or who want to better delineate their parenting philosophy, but I just wanted a few simple words that could help me to refocus when the bustle of the day creeps in.

I want our home to be calm. Raising three young kids in the city can at times be more chaotic than calm, but I hope to create a home environment that is calm and peaceful for my children, which includes-- most significantly I think-- my effort to remain calm and peaceful in my mothering.

I want our home to be caring. I want for the kids to realize what a gift it is to have loving siblings to play with and learn from and grow with. I want them to be deeply aware of how much they are loved.

I want our home to ignite curiosity. I love watching my children's curiosity and imagination blossom and I want our home, in addition to our daily activities outside the home, to capture and expand their intense desire to learn and discover.

Calm. Caring. Curious.

Those are the words around which I focus my mothering. Those are the words I repeat often to help me create the kind of home environment I want for my children.

What about you? What is your mothering mantra?