Attachment Parenting Month: Families At Play

This post is part of the Attachment Parenting Month blog carnival, hosted by Attachment Parenting International.

City As Playground

Attachment Parenting International is dedicating the month of October to celebrating families at play. Strengthening family bonds through collaborative fun and laughter is very much in line with the philosophy of Attachment Parenting, a term first established by Dr. Sears to describe a parenting philosophy focused on physical and emotional connectedness with children. And what better way to connect with children than through play.

We use the city as the backdrop for our family's play, often taking advantage of its many playgrounds and museums and festivals, but also tapping into its capacity to trigger spontaneous, creative play. Hide-and-seek games among the trees in Harvard Yard, subway rides to nowhere in particular just for the fun of it, statues and structures that lure us, street musicians and artists who enchant us, vibrant sights and sounds that pique our senses and tempt us to learn more -- the city as a whole becomes our family's playground, bringing us together to explore, to discover, to play.

As the folks at Attachment Parenting International highlight October to celebrate families at play, they remind us of the importance of play in children's development and family togetherness: "When parents engage in play with their children, priceless and precious time, attention and felt love are being shared and experienced in the context of fun."

We use the formal and informal activities of the city to enjoy this "priceless and precious time" of childhood. Whether it's exploring the art museum together, touching the stingrays at the aquarium, or skipping in a city park, the city fuels our play experiences, strengthens our family relationships, and builds enduring memories.