First Snow Tradition

October has been an odd month. It began with record-breaking heat and autumn swims and is ending with a snowstorm tied to a classic New England nor'easter.

To celebrate this first, early snow we filled bowls with it for some after-dinner sink play and then decided to create a new family tradition: each time it snows, starting with the first flakes of the year, we will stop what we're doing and pop popcorn.

Great idea...except that we didn't have any popcorn to jumpstart this tradition. Luckily, the city is full of convenience and Daddy ran across the street in the wet snow to quickly grab a bag of kernels from the nearby market.

Creating a new, spontaneous tradition like this one is such a simple way to celebrate family togetherness through the changes of each season, and help us to more happily embrace the vicissitudes of New England weather.