What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

After all of the trick-or-treating, when the candy has been counted and the costumes have (finally) been removed (is there a Guinness Book record for longest consecutive days of costume-wearing?), that is when we parents grapple with what to do with the excess sugar in our homes.

I love the idea, from the SouleMama blog, of inviting the Candy Fairy to take the remaining Halloween candy at midnight tonight, but I wasn't organized enough to plan ahead for this fairy's arrival and prepare my little ones.

Instead, I solicited help from my upstairs neighbor who is a biology professor at Tufts University, and founder of SciSpark.com, a secular science enrichment resource for homeschoolers and others looking to enhance science learning. He got straight to work over the weekend devising a series of excellent left-over Halloween candy experiments to perform with our kids.

Click here for SciSpark's ideas on Halloween Candy Science and visit SciSpark often for some fantastic science resources!

Happy Halloween!