Weekly Mothering Challenge: Managing Interruptions

If there is one certainty in my day, it's that it will be sprinkled with interruptions. With little ones, someone always needs something while something else is getting done. Getting sidetracked while trying not to let the tea kettle burn down the house, or cautiously observing a nine-month-old's imperfect aptitude for climbing and cruising in between changing or washing diapers, create a steady stream of interruptions during the course of my day.

For this week's Mothering Challenge, I am working on accepting interruptions as an essential and expected part of the daily rhythm of my home. I am working on appreciating these interruptions, this multi-tasking, as the natural pace of life with three little ones. And I am hoping that among all of the interruptions this week, there are lots of books being read, lots of hugs being given, lots of laughter, lots of patience, lots of love.