Weekly Mothering Challenge: Blog

Motherhood is busy. With days consumed by all-things-kids in addition to daily homemaking tasks, blogging can help us step back, take a breath, and reveal the gifts of motherhood among all of the messes.

Whether a mom's blog is public, private, or semi-private, it can be both an empowering and peaceful space to reflect on the joys and frustrations of this important role, and to highlight those cherished moments of childhood that we wish to capture and cork.

Beyond the personal reward of blogging is the possibility of communicating our shared experience with other moms. I value the insights and reflections of the mom-bloggers I follow and eagerly await the latest snapshots of their lives. What are their current motherhood triumphs and challenges? What new tidbit can I gather from their mothering experience? What similar situations have I encountered? How do they approach the dailyness of motherhood? From these blogs, I gather countless insights to enhance my own mothering and am deeply grateful to their authors for publicly sharing their personal thoughts.

What about you? Do you write a blog you would like to share with us, or have a blog to recommend? How does blogging contribute to your mothering experience?