Finally Fall

This morning felt like fall at last. The summer-like heat and humidity of the past week were finally replaced with the crisp, fresh air of a New England October. Eager to spend most of this lovely fall day outdoors, we ventured early to the nearby Arboretum to catch glimpses of changing colors and falling leaves.

Along the way, we encountered some of the "Arboretum Interpreter" stations staffed by volunteers who were excited to share their knowledge of the Arboretum's trees, plants and animals with information and activities for children and adults. The city invites learning moments like these. Nature walks, which in and of themselves are brimming with organic learning opportunities, are enriched--happily and unexpectedly--by the people and places of the city. Hands-on, community-based, family-oriented, mostly free learning moments surround us in the city, making homeschooling seem natural, enjoyable, and straightforward.

A delightful afternoon of pumpkin-painting and potato-sack racing with friends topped off this glorious autumn day, reminding us that as much as we love summer, there is something extra special about fall in New England.