Afternoon Stillness

With two little ones simultaneously napping, and a big sister off with Daddy to a nearby museum, I found myself unexpectedly free this afternoon. I thought about the laundry I could do, the dishes I could wash, the drawers I could organize, the food I could prepare. I thought about all of that. And then I made a cup of coffee, watched the sunlight move across my kitchen, and soaked in the momentary stillness in an otherwise full day.

It wasn't long, maybe 30 minutes, until my baby girl awoke ready to play, but it was just enough time to relax, take a breath, and re-energize for a busy afternoon in the city with three little ones.

I hope this weekend you can spot some simple moments of still, seize them as moments to just be, to reflect on all the effort and joy of mothering, and recharge for the important work ahead.