Mommying More

With one week left until the submission deadline for the Family Size Blog Carnival (we can't wait to hear from you!!), it has me thinking about my family's size.

One of the things I find most surprising is how much easier and better mommying becomes with more kids. For me, going from no kids to one was the hardest adjustment, and then each additional child got easier to welcome into our family rhythm. We get in a groove, don't we, once we figure out this mommying gig. We gain confidence, we relax, we let go. We learn how quickly childhood passes and refocus our parenting priorities on the things that really matter. We watch as our children's spirits naturally unfold and we realize that our role is not to build perfect people, but to guide and nurture, listen and love. With this pressure off, mommying becomes more fun, more rewarding, more meaningful--better, easier, happier.

With more kids, I see special sibling bonds emerging and the natural desire of the oldest to watch out for the youngest. I see a little one eager for more responsibility, more opportunities to help out with family tasks. I see a littler one learning negotiation, teamwork, conflict management, and communication skills much more quickly and adeptly than his big sister did at his age. I see a littlest one finding her spot in our family, in awe of her big brother and sister and already determined to do everything they do.

I find mommying more kids to be deeply rewarding and think adding to our family would be lovely at some point. What about you? Won't you join the Family Size Blog Carnival and share your thoughts?