This odd winter, with missing snow and moderate temperatures, at least makes our daily city excursions--our "citying"--easier and a bit more pleasurable-- for mom, anyway. My older kids beg me regularly to check the forecast for our next snowstorm.

With something of a January "thaw" underway, we were able to enjoy much of the day outdoors with a subway ride, birthday party, swim lesson, and errands in the square thrown in for good measure. Given the chance to stroll, rather than race, from one inside spot to the next--a true January luxury--I was able to reflect a bit on our daily citying and the learning that sprouts from it.

During our walk to the T, we talked about what subway musician might be performing today, and my oldest counted her dollar bills to see how much she would have for a contribution. (It was an accordian-player.) We smiled at the new (and free to the public) outdoor ice skating rink on Harvard campus. (Locals should definitely check it out!) We gawked at the brand new subway elevator in the city square and jostled for button-pressing priority. We admired the art installation at one of the subway stops. We watched birds, climbed stairs, read signs, listened to tourists.

We learn so much from citying, from being out and about exploring this urban landscape and its creatures. The city is one large and ever-changing classroom--and today, in January, we were delighted to enjoy much of class outside.