One Year Old

For a little sister's first birthday, we decided to celebrate with a birthday breakfast and ice skating in the nearby square. While I skated with the big kids and Daddy watched with the napping birthday girl, I was struck by how quickly time really does fly. Can two years have passed since it was a napping little brother asleep in that same green stroller with Daddy looking on while I skated with his big sister? Time is funny that way. It sneaks up on us with these milestones and memories.

The fast pace of childhood reminds me that I need to savor each fleeting moment with my little ones. Even when I have sung "Twinkle, Twinkle" for the umpteenth time, even when long winter afternoons seem to drag on, even when they're whiny, and I'm tired, and the laundry pile towers above the bureau. Even then. Especially then. Because a year goes by so fast.