Music in the City

Music is enriching any time of the year, but I find that in winter, especially the indoor days of January, music takes on a more central role in our family. Whether it's the melodies of bluegrass, classical or jazz, big band or opera bellowing continuously from Pandora throughout the day, or the notes of a just-beginning pianist echoing from our music room, music fills and brightens our winter days.

Beyond our home, music filled our city this weekend for the annual Boston Celtic Music Fest. We were entertained by sidewalk bagpipers, Irish and Scottish fiddlers, Celtic dancers, and other performers who left all of us--kids and grown-ups alike--in awe of the talent and skill of these great musicians. The only thing that could pry my little ones away from the performances was the enticement of nearby pizza with good friends, and the promise that tomorrow will always bring more music in the city.