Chinese New Year in the City

The city is always magical for kids, but during the Chinese New Year celebration its allure is heightened. Dragon dances, drums, firecrackers, music, and performances fill the streets of Boston's Chinatown in a stunning display of Chinese culture and tradition.

We spent the week leading up to today's parade learning about the Chinese New Year, its origins and modern-day festivities through books and Internet searches. We listened to traditional Chinese music on Pandora and practiced reciting some common Chinese phrases. Our interest is definitely piqued and the kids are eager to learn more. So we will. We'll gather more books, listen to more music, learn more about Chinese history, culture, and language.

This is what city homeschooling is all about: using the city as our classroom, as our launching pad to learn, discover, respect, and admire. We pay attention to the diverse celebrations and vast offerings of the city, its people and its venues, and we use these festivities and events as a springboard for year-round experiential learning.