Winter Babywearing

With the January chill settling in, I wanted to find a winter babywearing solution that would help keep my one-year-old cozy and not too bulky in the Ergo. We rarely drive our car in general but especially not in winter, and I find strollers can get irritating, particularly in frosty conditions when our city excursions involve dashing in and out from home to playground to coffee shop to museum and so on.

Our frequent movement from warmth to cold to warmth again make babywearing a must for me, and now with three little ones I rely even more on my Ergo to keep a little sister contentedly nursing or enjoying a piggy-back ride while I focus on her older siblings.

This winter, I bought a Peekaru and I love it! Honestly, it is one of the best baby purchases I have made, allowing me to dress the baby in a lighter fleece coverall and then place the fleece Peekaru over me and the Ergo. She stays snug, I can layer a regular jacket over us if necessary, and I can continue winter babywearing without carrying the extra bulk of an infant snowsuit. It's fabulous.

In fact, I love this product so much that I am going to be doing another giveaway in a couple of weeks (just in time to celebrate my 35th birthday!) and will be offering a chance for you to win a free Peekaru from TogetherBe. Visit here on January 28th for your chance to enter!