January Bulbs

My daughter's good friend gave her an amaryllis bulb for a birthday gift last fall, and as temperatures dove into the 20s today, it seemed like the perfect time to begin speckling our home with harbingers of spring.

As winter starts to feel like winter, as time inside exceeds time outside, we are becoming reacquainted with forgotten books, and puzzles, and crafts. We are nesting more, changing the look-and-feel of certain nooks and corners to make them more inviting in the long, cold days ahead. We are settling in to our winter family rhythm: slower, simpler, calmer.

Yet, even as we enjoy this restful time, even as we plot our winter adventures, our conversations are dotted with reminders of warmer days, spring plans. So as we nestle in for a long winter's nap, our January bulbs keep our spirits bright.